Around the island Fur with tour boat Bertha K

Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

Havnen 4

7900 Nykøbing M



The island of Fur is a small island in the Limfjord located at the northern tip of the Salling Peninsula. Fur has under 900 inhabitants. The island covers an area of 22 km². It is renowned for its deposits of diatomite known in Danish as moler (Mo-clay). Fossil hunting is a popular activity on the island, and the fossils one can find in the moler (Mo-clay) has a history of more than 55 million years old.
Experience and see the unscathed landscape from the seaside - a fantastic lovely trip. 

You can buy coffee and cake at € 7,- per person - must be ordered in advance.

Departure Fur: 1.00 pm.
Arrival Fur: 3.30 pm.

Tour no. 815


Havnen 4

7900 Nykøbing M



225 DKK

Children (3-11 years)

100 DKK

Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children)

550 DKK

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