A.V. Vejgaard A/S - Auto repair shop

Welcome to A.V. Vejgaard A/S – Volkswagen Ringkøbing. In 2016 we have been able to celebrate our 65th anniversary as a Volkswagen dealer, beginning in 1951.

A.V. Vejgaard A/S are authorized to repair both Volkswagen and Skoda cars. Our skilled staff at our warehouse ensures day-to-day delivery of the most common spare parts. If the repair of your car takes several days, A.V. Vejgaard A/S can offer you a rental car on most favorable terms. Furthermore, A.V. Vejgaard A/S can offer to bring and pick up your car if necessary.
Just as Volkswagen is synonymous to quality, safety and reliability – so is A.V. Vejgaard A/S.