Bjerrely Fiskesø og Muslingehus

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Angling waters
Bjerrely Fiskesø consists of 20.000 m2 lake in lovely nature. The lake has a natural inflow of water from underground springs. Only organic rainbow trouts from organic fish farms are put into the water. 

Bjerrevej 55

7400 Herning

At the lake, there is a cleaning table with running water, a vending machine with the possibility of purchasing PowerBait, rainworms, fishing tackle and candy and soda. Also, try to dig your own worms at the ecological orchard - a fun experience for the whole family!

At the lake, there are tables, benches and barbecue areas, where you can enjoy your packed lunch. 

There are also nice toilet facilities built together with the beautiful Seashell house.

Moreover, you can choose to rent the house (fiskehuset) for special occasions.

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Bjerrevej 55

7400 Herning

Opening hours

01 Jan 20 / 01 Jan 21


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