Churches and history-tour

23 km - the route is marked with pink on the printed maps of the Odder region

Take your time for a rest and see the beautiful vicarage dating from 1749. A monument for the great Danish poet and vicar, Steen Steensen Blicher, is erected here. The Randlev church will show you several interesting decorations of historic interest.

The interior of this impressive large church adds to its distinctiveness because of very fine stone cuts and modern decoration dating from the 1960´s. The brick house next to the church wall to the right of the gate is the previous Gosmer Hospital. Its first building was erected in 1754. The hospital served as an asylum for old peasants and workers having finished their service at the Manors of the Ratlousdal and Gersdorffslund. Everything was provided for in this ancient rest home- for example: The parish clerk should say the morning prayers every day, and the residents were obliged to bring along clothes, bed linen and a coffin when they moved in!

Skålstenen (The Cresset Stone).
More than half way down the forest road in the Fensten Sønderskov you will find the cresset stone in the ditch to the left. This multi-caviated stone alter probably dates from the Bronze Age and was connected to a fertility cult.

Jættestuen (The Passage Grave).
In the wood of Ravnskoven a few meters down the road, the only passage grave of the area is found. It is a dolmen chamber made of enormous granite boulders erected 4000 years ago in the Bronze Age.

Bjørnkær Slot (Castle Mounds).
By a gravel road just after Gersdorflund you reach the Bjørnkær Castle mounds situated to the left in the little wood. The ruins seen today are the remains of a medieval stronghold dating as far back as the 14th century. It was here in the well of the castle the unique Bjørnkær still, which is shown at the museum in Odder, was found.