Climbing the hills

18km. Requires a good condition - will be most successful in clear weather.
The route is marked with orange on the printed maps of the Odder region

Old Odder.
Begin on Nørregade - the oldest street of the old Odder Village. Along the street which ran parallel to the river were many farms. At Møllevej you will find one of the few remaining buildings from the old village, namely the miller's house of the original Sandager Mill which was one of six mills along the Odder River. Today the house is part of the Odder Museum where the history of the mills may be studied.

Just outside Odder you cross the river valley of Snærild with the brook "Stampmøllebækken". The river valley is a typical glacial stream trench characterized by a U-shaped valley with a river at the bottom and equally high hills on each side. From Snærild you go uphill to the farming land west of Odder. You will get the feeling of moving around on an elevated plateau, but for example at Balle-Findal you will get the opportunity to go into a little cooling wood surrounding a stream.

Vantage point.
Here en route to Tvenstrup at the border of the municipalities of Århus and Odder you are rewarded for your efforts with a splendid view of the entire coast to the east with the Djursland and the Kattegat islands of Tunø and Samsø to be seen in the distance. From here you also get the right impression of the siting of the town of Odder at the rim of the undulating landscape facing the river valley.

Stampmøllen (the Stamp Mill).
Turn down the drive to the old water mill, Stampmøllen. The mill was working from the middle of the 18th century until the late 1950's. The municipal authorities of Odder have bought and restored the buildings now lying in a green oasis in the town. Due to varying conditions with dry hillsides, streams, light and shadow the river valley features many different species of plant within a small area - some of them are quite rare. The place invites you to take a walk along the brook.