Copenhagen Pride

Every year in August, Copenhagen Pride offers activities where LGBT issues are at the centre of attention. It is both festive, colourful and political with awards, parties, concerts, films and other kinds of entertainment.

During Copenhagen Pride Week there are plenty of activities around Copenhagen, with City Hall Square - renamed Pride Square - as the focal point of action.

Access to the square and all events there are free to attend. However you can show your support for the Pride by buying the official Pride bracelet - on sale at the square. The parade always ends on Pride Square aka Copenhagen City Hall Square, and is followed by a live show and an afterparty.

Love is in the air

This year, there's a very special event during the Copenhagen Pride - you can get married at some of Copenhagen's iconic hot spots. A person from the LGBT-environment will perform your wedding speech in the beautiful surroundings. See when, where, how and who right here.

Copenhagen Pride always ends with a large, festive and colourful parade. Read more about LBGT Copenhagen here.