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The team of DanWest would love to support you in any possible way to make your dream come true; either if it’s advice before travelling or answering your questions locally in one of our offices, where you are always welcome to stop by for exploration hints or anything else, which we can help with. We have the answers!

You are dreaming of an individual vacation in a beautiful summer house at the Danish west coast?

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The philosophy of our company DanWest did not change since founded in 1995. Since more than 25 years our highest priority is to work in close cooperation with the vacation guests and provide the best possible holiday experience in wonderful summer houses close to the Danish coastline. This is the reason, why DanWest grew moderate but continuously over time. Meanwhile DanWest is renting out over 500 holiday homes at the North Sea. We choose our vacation homes, located around the Ringkobing Fjord, carefully with the focus on quality.

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Learn to love the gorgeous nature of the Danish west coast and let us know, if we could be of any help regarding the choice of your dream cottage or exact location of it. We are looking forward to talk to you!

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