Depotet i Skelby - hostel

The people-owned hostel DEPOTET, is an accommodation with an attached ballroom, located in scenic surroundings in the village of Skelby in South Zealand.

An area rich in traditions and cultural heritage dating back to antiquity. It is located about 80 m from Susåen, where there is a view of Gunderslevholm Estate. Skelby is also the town with the 2 village churches, Gunderslevholm church and Skelby church, and close to the Tystrup-Bavelse lakes.

Depotet is an ideal place to spend the night for you who come down the Suså by canoe, as there is a short distance to transport equipment and you can spend the night in quiet and comfortable surroundings. It is also well located on several hiking and cycling routes, including Klosterruten, Munkeruten, Sjællandsleden, Susåleden and Margurit-ruten.

In the old villa there are 8 cozy rooms with space for a total of 27 guests. There is the possibility of 3 extra beds. In the living room there is room for 20-25 people. There is a small kitchen where it is possible to cook some food. There is a shower and toilet in the hallways. There is a lovely courtyard where it is possible to grill.

Breakfast can be ordered at the time of booking. Otherwise you take care of breakfast yourself.

In addition to functioning as a youth hostel, the Depot in Skelby is also ideal for all kinds of parties. In the old beer depot, there is a bright party hall with room for up to 50 people. The ballroom is located in an independent building, and contains 2 disabled toilets, a small kitchen and tableware for all guests. When holding parties and other events, guests also have the opportunity to stay overnight. It is thus an ideal place for wedding, birthday, brunch and much more.