Esbjerg Museum - town history

3 new exciting exhibitions - Occupied Esbjerg 1943, Resistance and Esbjerg 1900 - 1950 plus special exhibitions.

See Esbjerg in the 1930's and come close to the local history from the years of German occupation during WW2. The new exhibition "Occupied - Esbjerg 1943" shows the daily life in Esbjerg during the German occupation. Visitors move through the basement, visits the living room and the kitchen, enters the washing room and exit through the backyard. Maybe an air alarm sounds.

On the way, the guests will meet Jørgen Hansen, who exports fish, housewife Inge Hansen, their resistance fighter son Jens and the domestic help Gerda, all are they dealing with a problem. Can the exhibition guests help solve it?

"Occupied - Esbjerg 1943" is at once entertaining and thought-provoking.