Exhibition in Holbæk: Denmark and the West Indies

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Klosterstræde 18

4300 Holbæk

New exhibition in Holbæk: Discover in our time as a colonial empire

Come along with Holbæk Museum all the way to the West Indies. Holbæk Museum's new permanent exhibition tells the story about West Zealand and the West Indies and it can be experienced from the 2nd April, 2017. Discover the historical relationship between West Zealand and the West Indies and find out how the colonial era affected the provinces of Denmark.

As a part of the exhibition, you can see a master piece by the West Indian artist La Vaughn Belle, whose works examine how our shared history has created a shared identity and understanding between us.

In 2017, it is 100 years since Denmark sold the West Indies, including Skt. Thomas, Skt. Jan and Skt. Croix. Our time as a colonial power in the West Indies tells a story of enormous wealth and sugar production, but also about the usage of slaves and the inhumane conditions in which they lived.


Klosterstræde 18

4300 Holbæk


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