The Fairy Tale Track between Gosmer and Halling

In the autumn of 2005 a series of Fairy Tale Tracks were revealed across Denmark - also in Odder. The tracks are all marked with a logo and a trail number.

On several occasions Hans Christian Andersen visited the Güldencrone family at the Vilhelmsborg Manor south of Århus, and whilst visiting the family he spent some time exploring the area around Odder, as he did, for example in 1853, when Hans Christian Andersen during one of his visits joined the family for an outing. The destination for this outing was the vicarage near the villages of Gosmer and Halling, where the sister of the baroness lived together with her husband, Rural Dean N C Weisner.

Hans Christian Andersen related the following about his visit to the 'Præstholm' vicarage: "It was indeed a warm, cosy and charming home. Its garden is so tasteful, with canals, wonderful grass plots with pasturing goats, a pretty little grove, a tall tower from where you can look out over the belt. Inside the vicarage house was a fine library, and an ambience of great joy and liveliness." (quotation translated by the translator of this article)

The old vicarage subsequently burned down, and a new vicarage has since been built. From behind the vicarage the old church path goes past the viewpoint 'Svends Høj', where there used to stand a tower, and on to Gosmer and Halling. There is no access to the vicarage garden, but from the church path there is a good view of much of the old park.

The trail goes on to the town of Hou, which Hans Christian Andersen may also have visited. At the Manor of Gersdorffslund you can see in one of the old trees by the roadside a small arbour. From this vantage point there are breathtaking views of the Kattegat sea... If Hans Christian Andersen visited Gersdorffslund, it is perfectly possible that he also lingered for a while in this unique arbour - however no one can say for sure.

From the local year-book 'I Godt Selskab' (In Excellent Company).