The farmshop Adamsgården

The Farmshop Adamsgården

Photo: Adamsgården
Local specialities
Fresh berries, vegetables and local specialties from a farm shop in the outskirts of the park "Åmosen". 

Aggersvoldvej 3a

4450 Jyderup

Stop by the cozy, countryside farmshop, Adamsgård, where you can buy fresh vegetables that are grown on the farm and other specialties. While you are here, you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Adamsgården, in the outskirts of the park "Åmosen" in West Zealand. Every year, the farm shop opens in mid-may. See the exact date on the website. In the farm shop you might be tempted by:

  • Fresh berries and vegetables
  • A wide range of specialties
  • Brown farm eggs from their own happy chickens

For seasonal products, please check out the farmshops website (Use Google Translate). 


Aggersvoldvej 3a

4450 Jyderup



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