Fjordstien | Route 40

Fjordstien is a bicycle and hiking path along Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord. It gives you the possibility to experience the landscape, the nature and the culture of the fjord and its history.

A bike and hike tour from Hundested to Roskilde along Roskilde fiord.

Fjordstien gives bicyclists and hikers the opportunity to travel through a unique fjord landscape in the northwestern part of Sealand. A trip along the route is a meeting with geology, history, culture and nature. At many places, you travel just along the water's edge and all of the routes is safe from traffic. Most of the route is asphalted but you will also bike on field and forest roads. The route is marked with route nr. 40.

Along the Fjord Path, there are several primitive nature camps where you can spend the night. See more about accommodation in the open air at On the website of the Danish Nature Agency you can read more about Fjordstien, as well as see maps and photos of the trail.