Frederik d. VII

Raised the 5. june 1877 on Skjern Brogård of the constituencys residents.
The Stature is today raised in the Park by Mellemgade/Fredensgade, near Skjern church.

Text on Statue:

Side no. 1:

Frederik The Seventh
Born 6. october 1808
King 20.january 1848
Dead 15. november 1863

Side no. 2:

5.june 1849

Side no. 3:

Set up by the constituencys inhabitants
at the 5. June 1877
In memory of the giver of the Constitution

Side no. 4:

The peoples love
my strength

The Park in Skjern town Mellemgade/Fredensgade.

Material: Bronze statuette on cementbase.