Fynshoved beach

Fyns Hoved is the top of the peninsula Hindsholm and top of the island Fyn. With water on both sides, many compare Fyns Hoved with Skagen. Furthermore it rains 25 % less on Fyns Hoved compared to the average rainfall in Denmark.

On Fyns Hoved it is possible to bathe on the eastside in Storebælt or on the westside in Korshavn.

Korshavnen is very recommendable to families with children. The water is very still and the bottom of the sea is primary with sand and very low. Furthermore the beach is located close to the Fyns Hoved Camping site.

Storebælt is, with the open sea, a bit more wild/fun to take a swim in. It’s get faster deep, which gives the possibilities for bigger waves. The bottom of the sea is varying.

Distance to Kerteminde: 21 kilometres