Galleri Skippergården

This gallery is located in an old dune farm from 1877 and it opened its doors for the first time in the summer of 1999.

Astrid Hygom and Leif H. Jacobsen exhibit paintings, drawings, and water colours, and they also exhibit wood turnings by Verner Nielsen. Astrid Hygom displays graphics with the title ‘Visible Roots’.

The theme for this exhibition is nature close by and vacation life. There’s time for contemplation at this gallery. With the dark background of the pandemic, it might be the perfect time for contemplation. What are the things that really matter to us? What does it do to you to stroll across a beach in solitude along the seemingly endless sea, put your mark on the sand or feel your pulse beating, while traversing a dune with its soft and almost furry top? You wonder what will be washed ashore, whether it is small pieces of amber, entire logs, a dead seal, or plain trash. In the distant you can just make out a few people who, like you, have come here to feel the ocean body and soul. When the weather is nice, bathers make out a multi-coloured blanket along with small tents, sand castles, and playing children. But you still mostly hear the surging ocean and the rhythmic swells.

Since 1987, Astrid Hygom has exhibited her work in separate exhibitions in public institutions and businesses. Those that stand out are: Southwest Art Exhibition 1989, Censured exhibition in Lemvig 1991, Vejen Art Museum 1996, Tistrup Art Cooperative 1997, Warrington in England 1997, Art at the Water Locks, Hvide Sande 2015, Houston, Texas 2016, Halifax, NS Canada 2017. Leif H. Jacobsen was educated at the College of Art in Copenhagen and exhibits water colours of the local area and other places, as well as croquis drawings.