Gerlev Legepark, Games centre

Gerlev PlayPark is a unique, playful landscape and exciting experiment, where the entire family can try more than 130 historical games and plays from all over Europe. Try for example to "Poke Palle’s Eyes Out " or play the Hammer Game and Frøsnapper like King Christian IV.

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You can request a customised game program lasting 1-6 hours – Call us to learn more 

You use the history to find out, that old games are an obvious opportunity for family, friends, or colleagues to unfold and enjoy themselves.
You don’t have to be skilled or fast to participate in the games. Gerlev PlayPark is about discovering the opportunities for you and your family to do physical activities together in a fun and challenging way.

Stop by, whether you are part of a big or small group. Consider booking an instructor to get the games customised to fit your needs. Gerlev PlayPark is run by Gerlev Centre for Play and Movement Culture, which has been researching old games since 1993.