GoMonkey Climbing Park in Holbæk

GoMonkey Holbæk Climbing Park is one of West Zealand's biggest adrenalin rushes.

In the city of Holbæk, in West Zealand, you can literally go-monkey in the treetops. Experience 5 exciting climbing courses with different degrees of difficulty or start out with the two training courses. 

Here you can experience hights of up to 22 meters, you can throw yourself into a free fall from 16 meters above the ground and you can rush through a 250 meter long zipline. 

While you are here, enjoy the beauty of the forests and its main inhabitants, the animals, like wild boar and deer.

Everyone is welcome: private people, schools, companies, groups and childrens' birthdays. 

A great place to laugh and be challenged! 

The park is open: June, July and august, from 10 am to 5 om. 

Book in advance and note that you must be minimum 10 people - if you are fewer then call on the day to here if there is enough space for you.