Grønningen - Strandskaden

Grønningen - The secret northern tip of Fanø

In the footsteps of "Æ 'Hjøwerdreng".

We walk in shepherd boy's footsteps on the northern tip of the Fanø.


Voksne: 100 DKK

Børn: 25 Dkk

Children under the age of four is free

Description of the tour

 We walk in shepherd boy's footsteps on the northern tip of the Fanø. The grasslands and marshes on the northern tip of Fanø is a cultural landscape,  which is the result of centuries of grazing. Here you always find enough experiences, both for the ones interested in Flora and history and for those who wants to run fast and climb up high. First stop is the large bunker facility, which is part of Hitler's Atlantic Wall - here we can see both cannon bunkers and staff facilities.  After that we go to the northern tip - where we can experience the unique landscape that is the result of centuries of grazing. Here is good opportunities to experience unique natural phenomena.  The story of meadow ants way of life is always a fantastic story for the children.


Child friendliness:

Good trip for slightly older children (7-8 years and up).

The trip is not suitable for prams or pushchairs friendly.


Practical considerations :


Remember to bring a camera - there are lots of beautiful pictures in this little unknown corner of Fano.


This is the only tour where dogs are not allowed.

During the periods where the cows have calves, they may feel threatened by even small dogs.



Hiking boots or sturdy sneakers is recommended - especially in wet weather is it recommended that you have rubber boots or other waterproof footwear on.



2 hours


5 km


Not suitable for disabled

How to get there:

We meet at the shooting range – at the end of Vester Nasen.

Drive north on Hovedgaden, ahead of Batterivej to a Y-junction, keep to the left onto Vester Nasen.

GPS coordinates: WGS84

55°27'35.3"N 8°23'52.4"E