Grundtvigskirken - church

Moderne church in Esbjerg from 1969.

The church is set near the pond in the park Lergravsparken. It was designed by the architect Ole Nielsen from Lyngby, Denmark, and it was consecrated on June 1st, 1969. The construction of Grundtvig’s Church shows magnificent red brickwork, which rests on a floor covered with white marble; its organ was built by Bruno Christensen and Sons and was consecrated in 1988.

The church offers seats for 340 churchgoers. Grundtvig’s Church has a beautiful new altar with an outstanding relief of white and green marble. On the communion table is the brass cross that was designed by the sculptor Erik Varming, who also created the relief. These two works were consecrated at the 40th anniversary of the church in June 2009.

Service every Sunday at 10.00