Guide - Lotte Blomgreen - Guided tours in Kolding

Professional and dedicated guide invites you to experience the mood, sight, sounds and smells of old and contemporary Denmark. By telling both well-known and surprising stories, I bring known and unknown places to life, so you'll think back on the tour with a smile remembering the special atmosphere or spirit that makes one want to return.

As a trained journalist, I know how the good story should be told with both heart and humour to give you the little extra you can’t read in a guidebook. You’re my guest and I’ll do my very best to make you feel comfortable and to answer all your questions to the Danish way of living now and then.

I’m looking forward to showing you the western and southern part of Jutland, the UNESCO World Heritage in Christiansfeld, Jelling and the Wadden Sea as well as the old city of Kolding where I live now. I have extensive knowledge of the Danish-German border region with the long and bloody history of wars and how two national minorities have now come to live peacefully side by side.

If you have any special wishes for your personal trip, I’d like to come up with an individual proposal that suits your interests and budget.