Hahnemanns Køkken café and cooking classes

At Hahnemann's cooking classes you learn the art of baking, how to make the perfect smørrebrød or embrace the art of 'hygge' with Scandinavian comfort food

When visiting a new country it is often fun to experience a whole different kind of food culture. In Denmark there is a lot of focus on the Nordic kitchen, baking, fermenting and vegetables to name a few. At Hahnemanns køkken (kitchen) Trine Hahnemann and her crew of dedicated workers are ready to teach you how to cook all of these things. On their website you can choose between many different cooking classes. Learn how to bake bread, start a sourdough and make a Danish ryebread or maybe take the comfort food class and learn 3-4 savoury dishes with Scandinavian ingredients like apples, cabbage, grain and meat. You can also learn how to make the perfect smørrebrød, fermenting sauerkraut or kimchi, make baos and ramen or veggie-style dishes.

The choices are many and depending on what class you choose, it takes between two and five hours. When you arrive you will be served some drinks and snacks. After some background information and instructions, you will move into the kitchen and learn how to make the recipes yourself. At the end you will eat together or bring the food home, together with all the recipes from the class. All of the classes are in English and some are also in Danish, and you can book them on their website.

Trine Hahnemann is an expert on modern Scandinavian food, Trine cooks, writes and lectures about it around the world. She has written several cookbooks in both Danish and English and loves sustainability, organic sourcing and food cooked with love. Besides the cookery school, her venue also includes a bakery, coffee bar, pastry shop, food store and event space.