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Hørsholm Library - kopi

Hørsholm library is the meeting place for the local community. It is filled with information and cultural experiences for people of all ages.

The library is viewed by the locals as their own. You can help yourself or you can get information and advise from the well educated and hospitable staff.

In 2012 the library had 225.981 visitors. They loan books, cd's, dvd's, games etc. They look at art exhibitions, attend various arrangements, surf the internet on the library's computers or their own unit via the free wi-fi and they read newspapers and magazines.

If you are a tourist or just visiting the library for a day you have the same access to all the services as everybody else. Just ask the staff and they will help you.

The library is also tourist information with folders and information about the local attractions in and around Hørsholm kommune.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 11-18; Saturday: 10-14.