Hurup Kirke

Church in Hurup.

Hurup church was built in 1100, and has been rebuilt, extended and changed much since then. Originally the church was without a tower and aisles. The church has an altarpiece, divided into four images that Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen has designed and painted. The altarpiece was introduced in 1981; the old altarpiece, from around 185,0 is now seen on the wall of the organ room. The church's Roman font is probably as old as the church itself.

Also interesting is the rune stone in the cemetery outside the porch. The rune stone surfaced when workmen broke through the dike to make room for a new chapel. The inscription can (perhaps) be read as:: "Thormod, one noble-born" boy ", raised this monument in honor of NN his father (or brother).