Island Living

At Island Living X Garna you can shop some lovely natural fiber yarn together with other luxury items such as handpicked clothing brands and selfcare products. A good place to treat yourself or for buying the perfect gift.

In the store we sell our own yarn, Garna, which we have hand picket in Italy and partly processed in Denmark by washing, drying and winding some of the yarn into hanks. Garna is a family owned business, which started based on a shared love of yarn, and today it consists of Birgitte, her daughter Sabrina and sister Annette.

Every item in the store has been carefully picked before being put on the shelf, and you can therefor be sure that our selection is of the highest quality.

Stop by and say hi in our “hyggelige” store (meaning cosy, a very important Danish term you might have come across), and take something with you home, whether it be for life on the sea or solid ground.

We look forward to seeing you!