Kloeverstierne Grenaa

Kloeverstierne Grenaa

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Kloeverstierne brings you around the streets and alleys of Grenaa, along the river, through the plantation, and out to the open landscape.

Torvet 1

8500 Grenaa

Kloeverstierne in Grenaa

Use the paths for exercise and to experience the life of the city, the history, and the recreational oases. All 4 routes begin at the city square (by the church), but it is also possible to start at any other point of the route.

The routes have different length and color:

Green: 2½ km

Blue: 5 km

Red: 7½ km

Black: 12,8 km

See descriptions of routes here.

See maps with audience facilities here.

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Torvet 1

8500 Grenaa


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