Kott Fritid

At Kott Fritid they have a selection of various fishing goods, such as wheels, rods, knives and clothing for many types of occasions. Whether you want to catch the big fish, or start of small, Kott Fritid can help you towards the right path for your goals. The stores professional and experienced personel can help you become a veteran in no time.

At Kott Fritid they can handle many types of fishing techniques and are eager to help you along your way. And if you are the type for adventures, they also offer high-sea angling trips with our ship MS Solea. This gives you the opportunity to test your skills with a completely different type of fishing. Here you can expect to test yourself with big fish.

And for the tourist, Kott Fritid also have the opportunity for harbour and coast tours, to experience our city from another angle. And even for the kids they have the right gear to get their interest in the art of fishing started. They also have starter sets and the knowledge to help anyone to catch a fish.

"So come by and have a chat. We can help you on the right path".

Kott Fritid.