Krywilygård Farmhouse

Rent a horse at Krywilygård. You saddle your horse yourself and just give yourself a good time. The price for the first hour on horseback is DKK 250, and subsequently DKK 150 per hour. (however, riding is free during a week of stay). Take a nice ride in the woods, here you can be lucky to see the puppies playing in front of the fox pit, hear the birds chirping or maybe experience a deer or two play in the woods. The nature is waiting out there with a lot of ​​experiences for everybody.

There is also the opportunity to go for a ride with one of the farm's girls / ladies, however, this must be agreed in advance.

Go visit, for more information about tours and Krywilygård.

West Jutland and the North Sea are an excellent resort, so why not spend your holiday at Krywilygaard.