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Lindely - Danish vineyard

The name MODAVI is composed of MOderne DAnsk Vin (modern Danish wine).
The key words behind MODAVI are quality and passion. The passion is the basis for making wine in a good quality. MODAVI has its own wine production on our two modern wineries in Fredericia and Kolding, Thuesensminde and Lindely. Here we grow, produce and sell wine.
We work professionally with a focus on continual development and improvement of our products. The goal is to produce a wide range of quality wines.

Wine tasting and other events

You can visit our modern wineries, and see the production facilities, storage facilities, and not least our cozy pub. We also undertake wine tasting events. Contact us if we are to organize an event for you.
The wine shop on Skærbækvej 4, Fredericia, is open every Thursday from 4 – 6 PM or by appointment on Tel. +45 2370 2379 or Tel. +45 4014 3400.