Liselund Møde & Kursuscenter

Warm and cosy atmosphere

Liselund Møde & Kursuscenter ensures that your meeting or course is held in a homely, cosy, and intimate atmosphere. The centuries-old house oozes history, and has been renovated with respect to its original appearance and refurbished with all modern facilities needed for a meeting or conference - WiFi, speaker system / teleloop, copier, etc. The high-ceilinged, beautiful rooms make the setting for all types of indoor meetings, while the surrounding park and forest are very suitable for e.g. team building, workshops or other activities. The calm and almost meditative surroundings call for concentration.

The kitchen at Liselund Møde & Kursuscenter makes no-fuss good food - a no nonsense kitchen philosophy and determination to use fresh ingredients in season. Everything is made from scratch, and especially our homemade bread and cakes are recommendable. Several of our ingredients come from our own garden, where rhubarb, herbs, ramsons, and apples are harvested. And as they said: The most important thing is that the food simply tastes well.

Liselund Møde & Kursuscenter has a keen eye for detail - from the historical setting to the food. Your meeting or conference will be held in a cosy atmosphere.