Løgstør Mussel Festival

Art, nature, music, and gastronomy are the focal points of the Løgstør Mussel festival. The mussel festival is held every year on the second weekend of July. Both Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you can experience lots of music and activities, but the mussel festival is a combined experience of both gastronomy, music, and art.

Taste the fruits of the Limfjord

On Friday evening, The Mobile Cooking Guild is serving 1 ton of mussels for you to taste, and if you like it, you can get more delicious taste experiences Saturday and Sunday, when Løgstør Mussel Guild are making more delicious and culinary experiences. On Saturday and Sunday, you can also experience a special kind of atmosphere, as the local artists and artist craftsmen are having booths, where they, together with local manufacturers are selling their unique products and are handing out samples for you to taste.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Løgstør for a weekend of lots of delicious food, entertainment, and fun!