Lyngboparken is situated right in the middle of the Danish "Wild West" with a host of perfect facilities for cycle trips and long walks through a bewitching countryside of dunes, moorlands and forests.

Lyngboparken is a non-profit-marking, club-owned naturist site, the income from which is exclusively used for the running and maintenance of the grounds, to the benefit of all.
Lyngboparken comprises over 20 acres of fenced-in dunelands and morlands where the heather blooms and the firtrees grow. There is plenty of space to find a sunny spot out of the wind.

Here at Lyngboparken we put the family in the centre. It is a quiet place where children can find all sorts of games to play - a padding pool, a vast natural sand-box, a climbing frame, a 16 closed chute, swings and seeways - all of this, to exercise the imagnination in complete safety. There is also outdoor pingpong, badminton and volleyball courts and excellent facilities for playing miniten, boccia ect.

There is a large separate car park with space for up to 80 cars, so that you only need to drive to your camp area on arrival and departure.