Megasurf - Outnature

Outnatures Mega Surf best described as "West Coast rafting". It's just like the rafting trips you know from the mountain rivers, just on our all together North Sea instead! The trip takes place at a so-called megaSUP, and Outnature provides all the necessary equipment for the experience.

Experience the team spirit of the megaSUP in rushing waves along the coast at Løkken

Together with an experienced instructor, you and your family or friends will be introduced to handling the megaSUP on land and in water. We adapt the experience to water and weather conditions as well as the group's level. The trip goes beyond the frothy waves of the surf, as if it were a rafting trip in Austria. This is closer to 'West Coast rafting'. The MegaSUP is for trips for groups and families looking for an action and adventure experience on the water.