The Moors

22,5 km - the route is marked with green on the printed maps of the Odder region

Outside Ørting you will have to cross the highway to Horsens. On the stretch from Fillerup to Rathlousdal you will ride on a county road with no cycle track.

Randlev og Ørting moser (the Moors)
The nature of the moors speaks for itself and here birdwatchers may have good experiences. Nature has its own unique atmosphere among other things because of the bird life. Numerous archaeological finds of pottery and tools date back to the first agriculturists who lived here during the late Stone Age. The most interesting finds may be seen at the Museum in Odder. The houses of the moors are old humble farm workers´ houses. The dwellers made a living by working at the manors and digging peat in the moors. Today many of these houses have been rebuilt into attractive townspeople residences. The route through the moors ends at the old Bilsbæk railway station from where you may begin a walk on the natural footpath on the old rail embankment. A special folder on the Natural Footpath is available.

Manors in the Countryside
From Bilsbæk the route passes through a wonderful landscape characterized by manors. You will go direct from the land of Åkær Manor to the land of the Ratlousdal Manor. Vestiges of many Iron-Age villages have been found where the Odder Golf Course is placed today. After Fillerup the highway passes a Holy Spring, the Otilie´s Spring, to the right. According to the legend the spring got its name from a young girl who was convicted to be burnt as a witch. Here tears were said to have put out the fire and a spring welled up on the spot. Previously people went on pilgrimage to the place to enjoy its curative water. The buildings of the Rathlousdal Manor are surrounded by a forest in which you will find to the left of the road remains of an old deer park and zoo including an interesting bears´ cave. The original main building of the manor where the poet Hans Christian Andersen visited the Holstein-Rathlou family does not exist any longer. A plate at the forest road shows a map of the paths of the forest which may be visited by foot. From the manor a beautiful preserved lime avenue, the longest in Denmark, leads you back to Odder.