Naturcenter Kongenshus Mindepark

Kongenshus Mindepark Naturcenter (Nature Centre at Kongenshus Memorial Park) is a modern nature centre where you can learn about the nature and cultural history of the moors.

Kongenshus Mindepark Naturcenter will give the public an opportunity to study the moors. You can borrow nets for catching insects etc. on the moors. In microscopes you can identify mugs etc. you find in the surroundings.

In a see-through bee hive where the bees come in from the outside you can study their life all through the year.

Slide shows, posters, exhibition cases, and sensory tests give visitors an insight into the flora, the fauna, and the people who lived on the moors including the future of the moors.

Outside the opening hours the centre is open when the hotel is open. Mondays closed.