Nedergård organic ice cream and farm shop

Organic farm that produces organic ice cream.

Nedergård is an organic farm and organic farm shop. Here we sell organic icecream, frozen meat from organically raised cattle/pigs, cheese from the organic dairy Thise, organic wines and a lot more...

Our farm shop is decorated and refurbished, next to our old family farm, which is beautifully situated on the flatlands of Vejlerne. We are the fourth generation, of the family, that runs the farm.

Nedergård is today operated as an organic farm with a herd of about 200 Holstein cattle. We became members of the Thise Dairy Group in 2007 - which itself has been an organic farm since 1997.

If you visit our farm shop, we will give a tour of Nedergård. In addition, we highly recommend a trip to the flatlands, which is a beautiful area and unique bird sanctuary. The road to Thy National Park is also not far from Nedergård.

We welcome you to visit Nedergård
Lisa and Arne Kaspersen