Nørlem Kirke

Nørlem Church is located on the eastern ridge above Lemvig

From the church tower you can look out over the Lim Fiord all the way to the North Sea. The tower was built in the late Gothic period (from about 1425 to 1550).

The nave and chancel of the church were built in the last half of the 1100s. The building style is typical of Romanesque granite.

The church is like a small jewelry box.  Most of the furniture is carved and painted in the patterns and delicate pastel shades characteristic of the Rococo period. This furniture was introduced by a thorough restoration of the church in the period from about 1760 to 1775.

We owe that to the family in the coffins of the burial vault of the church. They have given Nørlem Church a dramatic history and its special character.