Odense Convent of Noble Maidens

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Albani Torv 6

5000 Odense C


In 1716 Karen Brahe founded a convent for unmarried women of Danish nobility. The convent functioned as such until 1972.

The main wing was built at the beginning of the 16th century as part of a bishop's palace, with several wings by the river and a high arched cellar and big windows facing the courtyard.

The interior in the building is remarkably well preserved. On the walls there are layers on layers of decorations such as panels, wall paper and wall paintings.

The house has been completely renovated by Realdania Byg, known for their many successful renovations of historic buildings, and today it houses the H.C. Andersen Secretariat from Southern Denmark University Odense.


Albani Torv 6

5000 Odense C


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