Øm Monastery Museum

The Monastic Museum of Denmark is situated scenically between the lakes of Mossø and Gudensø in Jutland. Visitors at the museum can look at the ruins of the most thoroughly excavated monastery from the Middle Ages in Denmark called Øm in Danish.

In latin the name was Cara Insula or in English The Precious Island. The museum exhibit many of the finds and skeletons discovered in the course of the archaeological digs.

The Museum Garden

The Garden in The Monastic Museum of Denmark contains 60-70 species of cultivated plants and herbs an average number of what one could expect to find in a Danish monastic garden during the Middle Ages.

The garden was established in 1925 and is Denmark's oldest established monastic garden. It is made up of 63 rectangular beds that contain both medicinal herbs and herbs for cooking. Herbs like mint and thyme have mainly been used to give food taste and colour but also to strengthen the body.

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