The organic farm Birthesminde

Organic farm with a passion for sustainability. 

The organic farm Birthesminde looks very idyllic with summer sun on the beautiful landscape, a view of the Danish fjord Isefjord, geese running around, high overgrown grass, and wooly Hungarian pigs. But its serious business running a one hundred percent organic farm with a strong passion for sustainability and animal welfare.

Birthesminde is an organic farm and farmshop, which you will find in the countryside between Roskilde and Holbæk.

Visit Birthesminde’s farmshop

In the farmshop at Birthesminde, you can buy organic pork of high quality, sausages, eggs, flour, coffee and other local specialties. The shop is self-serviced and open every day between 10am and 17pm.

On Sundays, you might be lucky to meet one of the owners of the farm, who will be in the farmshop to greet you.

The animals at the farm Brithesminde

The pigs at the farm are not what we are used to. The farm breeds wooly Hungarian pigs, as well as black and white spotted pigs. The farm takes pride in ensuring that the pigs have everything that a pig would naturally want.

In addition to pigs, the farm also has geese, ducks, hen and cows that live out in the open.

Organically-certified animals

All the animals at Birthesminde are organically-certified and certified according to the Danish animal protection rights.