Øster Skovgård Christmas Store

It’s a sure thing: Christmas is coming! If you want to stay ahead of schedule and have enough Christmas baubles and candles for creating the right ambience for when the time comes, they have it all at the Øster Skovgård Christmas Store in Snejbjerg – all year round.

"It started with us selling Christmas trees by the roadside. It escalated from there", says Pia Pedersen, who, along with husband Kaj, runs this large Christmas Eldorado.

Today Øster Skovgård Christmas Store is 33 hectares of Christmas trees, a several hundred square metres large store with anything your Christmas heart desires, an outdoor elf path, which in the fall and winter offers small adventures, and a market place which sells the Christmas spirit and something hot to drink in the dark months.

"We do all we can for kids to enjoy themselves here as well", says Pia Pedersen.

Find Øster Skovgård Christmas Store at Snerlundvej 4, Snejbjerg, 7400 Herning.