Playground and animals at Røsnæs Nature School

Playground and animals at Røsnæs Nature School

Welcome to Røsnæs Nature School

Røsnæs Nature School is the perfect destination for an agreeable family outing. There's a playground with swings and rope climbing course and an old garden with tall trees. The stony beach where you can bathe or catch crabs is just a short walk away. There is a fire ring for everyone to use and tables with benches for you to enjoy your picnic.

The animals in the pens enjoy the company of children and right now we have:
- hens
- rabbits
- goats
- sheep
- a donkey
- horses
- a pig
- and cows in the field during the summer

In the old stable next to the main building is a small exhibition about the surrounding countryside with its protected fringe scrub and and fascinating terrain.