Porcelinge’s Colourful Universe Welcomes You

Dresses in bright colours and flattering styles light up this large store along with shoes, that’ll put a smile on your face, ceramics in beautiful shapes, and pictures, and coffee, and handbags, and …

At Porcelinge you can go exploring in the open workshop. Here you can find items of clothing, shoes, and other items, that you won’t find anywhere else. The items of clothing are unique and in only a few days, Inge Kejlberg can sew you a dress that will fit you perfectly in the colours and designs, you dream of bringing home from a visit to Ringkøbing.

’My clothes aren’t high fashion, but they are sustainable and wearable and I use good, clean materials’ says Inge Kejlberg, who, apart from sewing, also creates some of the ceramics, which are exhibited in the shop.

Find Porcelinge at Grønnegade 5 in Ringkøbing.