The Randbøldal Museum

With its scenic location in the valley of Vejle Ådal, the Randbøldal Museum is a real family experience where children and adults alike can learn about the production of cloth and paper in olden days and discover the forces of waterpower. 

The river and the many springs gave rise to a paper mill, Engelsholm Papirfabrik, in 1732. In 1847, the plant became a textile mill. Later, the factory building itself collapsed altogether.

At Randbøldal Museum you can experience:

- Heritage workshops for paper and textile.
- Models of the paper and textile mills of Engelsholm Papirfabrik and Randbøldal Klædefabrik.
- Outdoor water experiments to harness waterpower. At around 20 stations, children and the young at heart can harness the power of water by using watermills and sluices as in olden days.
- Museum shop selling crafts, books, hot and cold drinks and ice cream.

The museum also has picnic tables and benches.

The Randbøldal Museum is part of VejleMuseerne. A flyer is issued with information about the activities of the month. The flyer is available at the tourist office and at museums and exhibition centres. It can also be accessed at