Restaurant Dollys

Café Dolly is a family run restaurant, café and bar, which since 1993, has made it its mission to cook traditional Danish food from scratch. At Café Dolly, good local ingredients take centre stage, and quality is always a priority.

Dollys is known for its specialty, pan fried pork belly with parsley sauce, but the lunch and dinner menus have plenty of other delicious Danish dishes.

Café Dolly is situated in a historic building on the address, Havnen 15. The building, which was built back in 1911, used be a break room for the dock workers, and the place where they spent their time in between jobs. The worker’s better halves were especially pleased with the new break room, as it meant that their partners didn’t have to spend their time waiting for jobs at the local joints.

Today Dollys guests benefits from the buildings placement, with views of the harbour, and plenty of space for both parking, and outdoor dining