Sea Kayaking - at Kravlegården on Ærø

The Marstal Kajakklub will equip you with a kayak and lifejacket and you will have a chance to paddle around the sheltered, shallow water area known as “Det Lille Hav". Here you can take the chance to see if sea kayaking is really something for you, or simply enjoy yourself on the water for a couple of hours on a summer day.

The Marstal Kajkklub invites you to Kravlegården

Before you take to the water you will receive a short lesson on how you sail a kayak. There will also always be at least one of the clubs instructors on site.

No booking necessary , kayaks are available on a first there first served basis. On arrival you will be asked to give your name and address in accordance with Danish Maritime guidelines.

As it requires a certain degree of skill and co-ordination to handle a kayak, it is at the discretion of the instructor to decide wether children are capable of sailing a kayak.
Use of kayaks is at your own risk, and children must be supervised by an adult.
In the event of bad weather, illness amongst the instructors or other unforeseen circumstances, the Marstal Kayak Centre reserves the right to cancel this activity.

Prices: Children 75 kr. Adults 150 kr.