Season opening in North Sealand Birdzoo

North Zealand Bird Park opens up for the season and welcomes children and adults inside the park with more than 2000 different bird species.

Visit the largest bird park in Scandinavia

Stop off at the largest Northern bird park close to Esrum, and open up a world of amazing bird species and exotic plants. During the summer the bird park invites you to lots of open-air adventures for the whole family. Watch the fabulous parrot show, lend a hand with feeding the loris, or pet the African dwarf goats, always a hit with the children. The bird park is an obvious place to enjoy your picnic while observing the colourful and rare birds.

The park was opened in 2003, being the result of hard volunteer work and lots of love of nature and animal life. With its more than 15 acres of land the park houses over 1500 birds from 250 species, and several of the birds are unique in this part of the world. Apart from birds the park also has other animals, for instance, giant turtles, monkeys, and goats. If you visit the bird park you are guaranteed a different and unforgettable experience.

Bring your family and your lunch packet and enjoy it in the most beautiful Birds' Park of the North.