Shelter Jøvet Fynshoved

The site is placed in a hollow at Jøvet close to Fyns Hoved. You nead permission from Fyns Statsskovdistrik in order to use the site. Together with the permission you receive a description from the site and the existing regulations.

Other conditions
Parking is possible at the public parking lot at Jøvet

Number of spaces: 35
Toilet: No
Water: No
Shelter space: No
Fire place: Yes

Perambulator: No
Wheelchair: Nor
Wheelchair with attendant: No
Walking-impaired: No
Weak-sighted: No
Handicap toilet: No

Skov- og Naturstyrelsen, Fyn Statsskovdistrikt, Sollerup
Sollerupvej 22
5600 Fåborg
Tlf.: +45 6265 1777

Note that at the tent sites there is no access for guests with cars, autocampers, motorcycles, camping busses, camping wagons, scooters, mopeds.