Shelter at Otterup Lystbådehavn (Marina)

Shelter overlooking Odense Fjord

Stay in a shelter only 50 meters from the harbour basin at Denmark's most beautiful natural harbour. You can get there by canoe, kayak or boat or via the Marguerite Route past the harbour by foot, by bike or by car.

Enjoy a nice stay with a great view of the Odense Fjord.

The stay is from 12-12 and rules are in accordance with the Harbor Rules of Procedure, which can be read on the website.


  • 1 shelter
  • Room for 4 people
  • No further tents can be set up
  • Drinking water available
  • At the port there is WiFi and the possibility of charging a telephone
  • There is a toilet at the harbor 150 meters from the shelter
  • Bathing facilities with hot water.
  • Outdoor-fireplace and free firewood in the firebox at shelter available.
  • Distance to the fjord: 20 m.
  • Dogs may be brought if kept on a leash.
  • Price per person per night: DKK 30, -
  • Rental runs from kl. 12 - 12