Sigurd Bergs sten

The stone was unveiled in 1923 at Station Square in Skjern.
It is raised by voters from Skjern in memory of Sigurd Berg, who was Member of Parliament for the constituency from 1918 until his death in 1921. Stone mason was Rasmus M. Andersen.

The stone was 3. March 1958 moved from its former place in "the middle of the town" to the new location in the Park by Skjern museum. 
On the location in Bredgade the town´s new bus station was to be placed. (Source: Skjern Dagblad 1.March 2008).

In 2004 the monument moved once more, this time to its current place on "Bergs plads".

Sigurd Berg was son of the well-knovn left wing politician Christen Berg, who founded "De Bergske blade", among which the "Dagbladet - Ringkøbing-Skjern" are included. In 1916 "De Bergske blade" bought the former "Skjern Dagblad", and it may be on this occasion, that  Sigurd Berg's interest in being established in Skjern constituency appeared.

Sigurd Berg was a politician and newspaperman as his father. He was a member of Parliament till his death in 1921, and Interior Minister in 1905.

Sigurd Berg helped to implement important social laws, including the law that in 1908 gave women the right to vote.

In 1918 was Sigurd Berg selected in the Liberal Party Skjern constituency and later, in 1920 again appointed Minister of Interior. A post he only held briefly until his death in 1921, which occurred as a result of an advanced heart disease. He died the day after he in Skjern had been present to the unveiling of the Reunification stone which were layed down in memory of the Danish Reunification with Schleswig in 1920.

Artist: Stone mason Rasmus M. Andersen.